Tarena the Leopard

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Tarena the Leopard

Post by Greywater Alley on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:19 pm

Image coming soon

Species: African-Snow Leopard Mix
Age: 4 yrs
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Greyish-Brown with White

Eyes: Her eyes change color with her mood.
Amber = Neutral (calm)
Blue = Down (sad, depressed, tired, etc.)
Green = Energetic (hyper, angry, anxious, very happy, etc.)
Violet = Affectionate (loving, caring, passionate)
For all other emotions her eyes remain the last color they were before she felt that emotion.

Likes: Chicken; long walks; watching fish, birds, and other animals; sleeping in the sun; music; flowers; rain; and the sky.
Dislikes: Bugs (except butterflies, moths, and a few others), snakes, mushrooms, seafood, and coconuts.

Solitary, but Friendly
Quiet, Perceptive, and Observant
Delicate and Graceful
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